So who is this guy?

Team Pugh 2017

Hey! I'm Ant Pugh, founder of eLearning Architect. Lovely to meet you!

So why should you listen to me?

Well I definitely don't know it all. For example - is it elearning, e-learning or eLearning? I have no idea.

But I did learn some stuff whilst managing the eLearning and training departments at several global organisations.

After that, I spent a few years running an eLearning design agency.

So I've seen the challenges from both sides!

I've been speaking at the biggest eLearning conference in Europe for the past few years (you can see me in action here and here).

I also run an online community for Training Managers and write for several industry-leading eLearning websites (here and here).

If you've made it this far down my page, then you may be interested to learn more about me?

I'm originally from the West Midlands (I've nearly managed to phase out the Brummie twang) although have spent the last few years living in Tooting (South-West London).

Along with my girlfriend and daughter, I am currently embracing the location independent lifestyle whilst travelling around South-East Asia.

We're currently in Canggu, Bali - so if you're heading this way, please get in touch and I'll be happy to buy you a pina colada whilst we talk shop.

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