The Placebo Effect - another Articulate Storyline elearning challenge

Two in two weeks! I wonder how long I can keep this up?

So... recently on the Articulate Heroes forum, there was a very interesting discussion about finding your niche as a freelancer. Whilst there was a lot of back and forth on the subject, the key takeaway for me was that it's important not to pick a niche too early on in your career as a freelancer, and to work through a few projects from start to finish before you decide upon what your niche may be. 

And it was the industry angle that was taken from this conversation and turned into this week's challenge, which was "to build an e-learning game, presentation, or interaction for a medical topic or concept"

Yet again, my objective for this week's challenge was to create a demo from start to finish within 24 hours (luckily I am now busy with my first and second contracted project - check me out!) and I actually achieved this with time to spare.

Maybe I'll get some dinner tonight.

I also really wanted to have a play around with some of the transitions and animations in Storyline. I have always relied upon these features in PowerPoint to bring my presentations to life (you can see a good example of that here), but I had never really experimented with the features in Storyline.

I actually came up against an interesting Storyline limitation while building this demo, but I'll save that for another discussion and post in the comments if I find a solution!

It's a fairly passive demo, and if I have some time in the future I will try and add some more interactivity, but I really enjoyed create the graphics, playing around with the images and creating such a visual demo.

Please click on one of the images to view the demo! And please leave a comment below if you have any thoughts on the demo, niches, medicine... or anything else relevant.

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Ant Pugh

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