Interactive eLearning

British Land needed effective, high-impact online training for their audience of 30,000 suppliers.

Software Tutorial Videos

IQTell wanted to complement the launch of their commercial productivity software with bespoke video training. 


Custom Compliance Courses

We helped Compliance Matters turn dry subject matter into super-engaging, interactive content.

Technical Product Training

Inmarsat were delivering live product training to their worldwide network of partners and needed guidance on the switch to eLearning.

Interactive eLearning

Carers UK needed support designing a suite of digital learning for their network of 20,000 carers.

Supplier Training

Sedex needed guidance in the delivery of critical training to a network of suppliers based in remote global locations.

Sales Scenarios

Czarnikow needed help to increase sales through scenario based eLearning, delivered remotely to their global sales team.